What Makes Pet Get Sick Easily

June 25, 2016

Makes Pet Get Sick Easily

Having a pet would make people feel happy because having a pet can be one way to entertain himself. Not a few are also people who are stressed can make sense of stress disappear when the meet and play with their pets. Therefore, many people are deciding to keep a pet. As pets become the choice of people like cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, snakes, and others.

Decided to have a pet of course must maintain the health of animals that are not easily hurt. This is because if an animal disease, of course, can make a dead animal. In addition, if a pet disease, then the disease in animals can be transmitted to humans. As for animal diseases transmissible to humans, such as rabies, hepatitis, intestinal worms, toxoplasmosis, and other diseases. Do you know anything that can cause pets to get sick?

Cleaning the cage unguarded

Who became the first cause of pet to get sick that the cage is not maintained. Where cages were rarely cleaned will make the contents of a cage full of dirt that eventually a lot of bacteria and germs. The number of bacteria and germs will certainly make the condition of the pet will span a wide range of diseases. Also, it can cause pet dander become dirty due to the enclosure are not kept clean. Maintaining hygiene is very important enclosure made by all of you who have pets. Clean your pet’s cage at least 1 week 3 times and bathe the pet in order to germs that stick is lost. Cleanliness in animals is important to note that if an animal disease, it can be transmitted to humans.

Food was given carelessly

In terms of food also may be a factor pet susceptible to disease. This is because pets are not everything can consume foods that indiscriminate and so we need appropriate food. If you want to give a pet food, it is better to not select the original and gives origin. To get pet food, is not so difficult because has a lot of specialty shops selling a variety of foods for pets. Give animals eat three times a day. Also make sure before providing food and beverages, containers in a clean condition. With origins you do not give food animals in this to be a way to minimize that animals are not susceptible to disease.

Vaccination is not done

If you have a pet vaccination course very important for you to give to your pet. With you to vaccinate your pet, then make the animal body more resistant to various diseases that lurk. Where vaccination itself is an attempt to obtain immunity for the body to become resistant animals from various diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. Giving vaccination in animals is not just one time but needed to repeat that the animal’s body more resistant. With your vaccinations on animals, the animal’s body becomes resistant and does not get sick. In addition, to maintain the health of yourself. However, if vaccination is not carried out on the pet, of course, is that they cause a pet to get sick.

Pets are animals that have a distinctive feature for their owners. By doing so, of course, do not want bad things happen to your pet is not due to illness. Maintain the cleanliness of the cage, giving the right foods, and provide vaccinations is an attempt to prevent the pet does not get sick.

Ways to Solve Aggressive Cat

May 5, 2016

Solve Aggressive CatCats in addition to reward also certainly add to the fun, especially if the cat is good at dancing and playing. Prophet Muhammad also taught His people to love cats because the cat is one animal that meows as she answered the strains of melodious sound the call to prayer echoed when the arrival time of prayer. That is why the Prophet loves cats and suggest to love cats like their own family. However, not all cats can be obedient to his master. In fact, today many people are injured due to scratched by a cat. Instead petted and loved him, approached him was sometimes very frightening. Moreover, if the cats kept disease rabies vaccination because it is not done, it is not likely it will be very dangerous if exposed to scratches or bites. Cats that have an aggressive nature to be overcome in a good way so as not to endanger and harm.

Understand causes to be aggressive

The first way that needs to be done to deal with an aggressive cat is to be understood that the reason why cats experiencing such properties. It may be that cats need toys such as balls so that any discovery is used as an ingredient of the game. The cats were healthy and vivacious primarily require activities that make it fun so if they do not receive appropriate attention makes it look aggressive. At the same, cats often become aggressive when he was hungry so easily provoked emotions. If your cat is aggressive because of hunger, of course by feeding is the best way out. Thus, the nature of an aggressive cat can begin to decrease.

Avoid responded with violence

In addressing the aggressive nature of the cat should also not be done by force, whether it’s hitting with a hand or tool wear. This will actually hurt the cat’s physical and mental, in which there will be injuries can even cause broken bones because of the concussion from a blow. Of course this will make the cat attempt to escape and get away or even disappear. Lucky if a cat is not fought back, the cat’s claws are very sharp and strong. Affected little could be sore, this certainly will make you be damned if the cat is against. Remember, a woman who did not feed the cat and do not let it feed itself will have the torment of Hell”Bukhari Hadith”, the more so when put through violence against cats to injure him and even made him die, of the torments of hell will get sore. Therefore, it would be better to leave, avoid, or just give a strike only when his aggressive nature starts to look even cats damaging various objects such as carpets and chairs.

Brackets in cage

cats who have an aggressive nature can be punished wise if nature can not be controlled properly, ie with locked him in a cage. Provided that the cage is clean and has a pedestal it made him feel still protected. However, lock him in a cage does not have to be performed continuously because it will actually his inner torment. We recommend that if a lot of guests, especially small children, cats so as not to endanger the good confinement. Make sure the cat cages have good air circulation so that breathing is not disturbed. Punish him in the cage does not mean leave hungry, it becomes a form of learning that is not delinquent and provide security for people around the touch.

If the many ways over the aggressive nature of the cat to be reduced, do it regularly. With so close you can start to pet cats and intertwined. Who also have to remember is not the occasional bully cat because it can make it snarled and attacked.

Must Do before Buying a Housedog

April 30, 2016

housedogOne of the ways to minimize the risks of dealing with home theft is having a housedog. This dog will protect home from strangers anytime well. Unfortunately, watchdog has to be trained well so it does not bite and hurt people carelessly. You need to know that there are many causes of dog bites making victims die. This makes some countries prohibit some housedog types to be adopted so the risks of death because of dog bites can be minimized. Are you planning to buy a housedog to increase your home security? If you answer yes, you are highly recommended to do these first:

Know housedog types

You need to know that there are many protective dog types that you can choose, such as: Bullmastiff, Doberman Pinscher, Rottweiller, Kuvasz, Puli, Komodor, Giant Schnauzer, German Shepherd, Rhodesian Ridgeback, American Staffordshire Terrier, and much more. You are highly suggested not only to know about its type but also its character. Why? If you choose housedog with aggressive and anger character, your family’s security can be in dangerous situation because dog can bite your family anytime. You can bind it by using chain but what if chain is broken and dog attacks people? Of course, you have to be responsible and deal with police. For this, make sure that you know about dog’s character first and buy a puppy so you can educate and train it so it will be a good, smart and obedient pet.

Prepare enough money

Buying a guard dog you can spend for hundreds or thousands of dollars, especially if you choose high quality and thoroughbred guard dog. Besides, you have to prepare extra money to buy dog foods and vitamins regularly so it does not get sick easily. If you have limited budget and dog price is too expensive, you can find family members or friends who have many housedogs and then buy one of their dogs. You can bargain to get friendly price. Alternatively, buy a puppy of housedog which is usually sold for affordable price. For dog foods and vitamins, you should find any discounts at pet center or pet store so you can save some money and reduce your expense.

Buy a cage

Buying a cage is a must if you don’t want to see your dog to roam carelessly. Besides, by doing this, you can make your pet get comfort if you leave it outside of your residence. Remember to buy a wide cage so dog is not stressed and depressed easily. If you buy a small cage while you have a big and high dog, it is a big deal. In other hand, if you choose to allow it to enter home, think about peace and comfort at your home. If your dog barks and takes a pee or poop carelessly, do you want to clean its dirt? For this, you have to think it twice and consider buying a comfortable dog cage. Find discounts if you don’t want to spend much money.

If you already do all of these, you will not bother yourself when having a watchdog.

Do You Choose the Right Dog Trainer?

April 11, 2016

dog trainerAt the time being, finding dog trainers is not difficult anymore because you can find them fast via internet. Just needs to type related keywords like dog trainer in Singapore or best dog trainers Singapore you will find many dog trainers. The problem is most of them are not reliable and professional. They give bad services and ask you to spend much money. Of course, this is a bad thing. If now you already choose dog trainer, ask yourself whether he is the right one. To know what the answer is, do the following things:

Look dog’s development and growth

Look your dog and know whether it is smart and obedient after being trained. If your dog is smart in which it obeys your commands and shows good development and growth, this means that you already choose the right dog trainer. In contrast, if your dog looks stressed and passive, this means that there is something wrong with your pet. It might be tortured during training so its development and growth is not good. For this, you are suggested to look for other dog trainers. If you live in Singapore, you should trust Puppy Colours. There, you can find professional dog trainers who are ready to offers high quality training programs. You need to know that dog training by Puppy Colours Singapore is highly qualified so your dog will be smart and obedient.

Why should you trust Puppy Colours more than other dog trainers? They are different from others which just prioritize to earn money from clients. Furthermore, they offer training classes for puppy start from basic to advanced trainings. The best part is you will not waste money. To get more about them, find on their official site and visit About Puppy Colours page.

Know how to dog trainer trains your dog

Knowing how to dog trainer trains your dog is a must. For this, don’t leave your dog alone during training. You have to accompany it so you can look what dog trainers do with your dog. If they ask you to go home and then back to them after training is over, reject their request because they might do bad things to your dogs. Yup, they can hit, kick, and strangle your pet so it stresses out and looks sick. You definitely don’t want to face this problem, right? For this, don’t leave at dog training classes. Look and know dog trainers train your dog.

Listen to dog owners’ opinion about dog trainer well

If you listen, you will get a lot of information. For this, there is no problem if you listen to dog’s owners’ opinions about dog trainer who you choose well. If most of them tell you that he/she is not good one, you should think and consider about this, especially they already show you many evidences. Here, you should not take the risks. You should look for other ones which are recommended and experienced. Remember to believe what people say about dog trainer after listening to many opinions from dog owners.

You Have to Quarantine Your Dog If…

March 14, 2016

Quarantining dog is not a bad thing because this functions to make dog free from bad thing, either disease or bad behavior. The problem is most dog owners don’t want to quarantine their dog because they are afraid of losing their pet forever or they worry about torturing during quarantine. This assumption is not true because there is no torture at all and dog owners can get their pet back after quarantine is over. Duration of quarantine is different because it depends on how bad dog condition is. Anyway, are you a dog owner who still doubts to quarantine your dog? If you are, it is normal because when dog is not in good condition, you don’t have to quarantine it directly. You can check its health first and then listen to veterinarian’s suggestion. Actually, quarantine is only done if:


Dog likes biting

There is definitely something wrong that makes dog likes biting. Based on some surveys, this behavior happens because dog is stressed, threatened, and trained to bite people. You might wonder why dog can stress out, the answer is various. In general, dog will stress if you don’t feed it regularly, feed it with their favorite food, provide comfortable cage, and take care of it well. In this condition, its phycology will be disturbed and it will bite people carelessly. When is dog threatened? The answer is when you often hit, kick, or throwing it. This means that when you or somebody torture it. It bites to defend its self. Besides, it feels threatened after giving birth. Yup, in this condition, dog will protect their kids optimally. If there are strangers trying to get close or take its babies, they will bite. The worst part it they can continue doing this whereas its babies already grow up.

Meanwhile, dog also likes biting if it is trained to bite people. Of course, this mistake will never happen if owners don’t teach it to do it. In this case, most owners do this so dog can protect them and their residence well. Unfortunately, this makes dog have bad behavior in which it likes biting everyone as it likes.

Dog deals with serious diseases

When dog deals with serious diseases, like rabies, crucellosis, campylobacter, cryptosporidium, and much more, owners may not invite it enter home or let it play with family members. You have to do the same thing when your dog deals with this problem. All diseases are caused bacteria and virus that can spread to people and other dogs. For this, dog needs to be quarantined. Veterinarians will treat and make it survive from its diseases. The duration is not predictable. You might wait for couple months to get your pet back. Of course, you also need much money to pay its medical bill. If you have limited budget, you should hand over your pet and never hope to get it back. This is better than you take care of it at home. Your family and even you can deal with any diseases sooner or later if you force to remain looking after it.